About JDS

My name is Johan Swärd and I am the owner of JDS illustration.

I work and live in the middle part of Sweden and work as a Visual merchandiser by day and illustrator/comic artist by night. I love details and to get the right feel to images to convey a feeling.

When working on contract I am very open for changes and discussions on how to improve on the current project. I will always strive to become better than I've been before. To learn more things each day and challenge myself as an artist.
At the moment I am currently working on a graphic novel together with writer Neal Romanek. The book is called "BOUDICCA" and it will be finished in months. To see more on that book please follow us on www.facebook.com/boudiccacomic.

If you have any questions about the way I work, illustrations for projects, businesses, portraits, caricatures and so on. Please let me know I am just an email away.

Take care and hope to hear from you soon!
Best regards

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